SMC Pentax 3.5/28 compared to other 28mm lenses


SMC Pentax 28mm 1:3.5

There isn’t much to be had in the way of native 28mm lenses for Sony FE cameras. Of course, Sony offers the FE 2/28 and I’ve tried that one out several times but couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I just don’t like its rendering, the pictures are dull and lifeless to my eyes. That only leaves legacy lenses as prime 28mm options. Continue reading “SMC Pentax 3.5/28 compared to other 28mm lenses”

The ultimate 40mm lens for street photography?

I wondered enough to finally get one, hoping to find the ultimate 40mm lens for street photography: the Minolta M-Rokkor 40mm 1:2 is a very light lens with a relatively long focus travel and a tab to further support easy focussing. And because it is in Leica M-mount it means that the register distance is short, so the total length of adapter + lens on the Sony A7R2 is also really small.

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American stuff

These lenses came from people who had a home in Curaçao besides their Dutch home; the equipment probably was bought in Curaçao, but the seller couldn’t confirm that. Anyway, the total set was imported in America, as both lenses and the accompanying SR-T 200 camera bore American type designations; I don’t think Celtic lenses were sold in Europe, except maybe in the UK.

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