The Minolta macro heavyweight champion

The most prominent feature of this lens is its weight indeed: with 600g it is the heaviest Minolta macro lens you can find. It is a chubby, hefty lens and it oozes mechanical quality. The matching life-size adapter is aptly provided with a tripod mount, while the adapter for the MD Macro 100/4 successor hasn’t one.

Minolta MC Macro Rokkor 100mm 1:3.5

Matching extension tube
You can safely pick one up if you come across one for a nice price, but if you’re really after a macro lens you’d be better off with the Minolta MD Macro 100mm 1:4 or its Rokkor equivalent, one of Minolta’s finest lenses in SR-mount in my opinion. Its image quality is almost beyond criticism and it’s lighter and smaller to boot. The 1/3 slower maximum aperture is hardly relevant because both lenses vignet a lot wide-open, the MC 100/3.5 even more so than the MD 100/4. The MC lens is generally less contrasty and a little less sharp than the MD 100/4, the latter has real bite and punch in its images.

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