Minolta SR-T 303b, in black!

Yesterday I struck a deal for a black Minolta SR-T 303b.

Granted, it has a scuff and a dent on the prism but I still like it. I’ve always had a soft spot especially for this camera as it was the Minolta camera that I felt immediately at home with the day I bought my chrome one, back in 1983 if I remember correctly. The whole SR-T line looks very reliable to me, I’ve never encountered a broken one and I must’ve had tens of them in my hands. That excludes non-functional seals and mirror dampers, these have invariably deteriorated and must be replaced when you really want to use the camera. On the contrary I’ve had 3 or 4 XG-M’s and only one functioned completely and even the XE-1’s I’ve seen weren’t completely in working order except the one I have now.

It came with the lens shown, a fairly early 35mm 1:2.8.

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