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  1. Hoi Ad,
    leuke site en mooie verzameling! Heb zelf onlangs de fujifilm xt2 aangeschaft en gebruik ook oude lenzen, zoals de smc takumar 55mm f2.0 die ik ooit van jouw overnam. Zonet de minolta MD 85mm f2.0 gekocht als aanvulling op de minolta’s die ik al had. Handmatig focusseren (niet de kleinkinderen, te beweeglijk) doe ik graag…… heb er ook de tijd voor :-).

    Groetjes, ook aan Martha,
    Kees Peters

  2. Hello,

    I’ve just discovered your Minolta lens info; very interesting and helpful! I see you don’t have any pictures of the MD 135mm f2 lens and the MC tele 100mm f2? I happen to have these lenses and would be willing to take a few pictures in your existing lighting and background style if that would help you round out your list.

    Thanks again for a great resource, hope you don’t mind I’ve posted a link to your Minolta pages to the Minolta Collector’s group on Facebook.

    1. Hi Julian, I prefer to only show pictures that I have taken myself of lenses that I own or have owned; I don’t have the illusion that my site will ever cover a complete overview of Minolta lenses. Thank you for your compliments and kind offer, really appreciate it! And of course I’m OK with your referral on Facebook, my site is there for everybody to enjoy.

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