A lens of unknown origin

Does anybody know who manufactured this? Just curious…
Update: got an answer, read on!


Found this lens on an open-air fair in The Netherlands last Sunday. It looks like an enlarging lens to me with its M39 mount and the fact that the aperture numbers are readable with the mount upward like in an enlarger. It’s beautifully made and the aperture ring runs smoothly. I made some test shots with it on the Sony A7 and the Minolta Auto Bellows III and it performed quite well, allowing for large amounts of tilt and shift, which supports the theory that it’s an enlarging lens for large formats like 4×5″.

Update: Holger Bargen answered me on dpreview, pointing me to an eBay auction where a very similar set of lenses is advertised. It’s thus very likely that JML Optical is (one of) the suppliers. I have saved the pictures from the eBay auction, but can’t show them here because they are copyrighted.

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