Last week a member of the photoclub cited from a book and that was interesting enough to have me buy it. And it provided some insights; one of them was that an underlying theme often makes itself clear during photographing. Thus I noticed I often make pictures of people involved in or related to work.

In a video of his Chuck Jines suggested to look for scenes instead of people and that’s exactly what I did here. The shadows of the trees on the white wall drew my attention and I’ve stood here for over half an hour waiting for things to happen.

And this comes from playing with the camera.

I just wonder if you noticed that the tree obscures the separation between the building which introduces sort of a puzzle. My wife, being my most candid critic, saw it but didn’t think much of it.

On another note, I had a full-blown setup with me comprising 4 lenses and a gripped camera in a sling-bag. Completely unnecessary for this shoot, I only used the (big) 35mm lens but this combo was far from inconspicuous. All the passers-by saw that weird guy with his big camera taking pictures of a wall, but they apparently couldn’t care less, even when it was completely obvious I was waiting to shoot until they appeared in front of the lens. Once again it shows me that size of the camera is not a real factor in how people react.

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