Where is this going?

After weeks of photographing some directions seem to present themselves to me.

I like some form of incongruity, to me it looks like she’s reading stuff from work in front of a bike park, which is just a bit unusual.

No comment from me on this one.

Also drawn to work-related pictures, though I’m usually not interested in just showing people working.

Again, no comments. I try to make photos that will trigger you to think about what could be going on here; would like to hear if that happens.

Don’t really know why I like this one.

So where is this going? I don’t know, I just go to the city center almost every day, take out my camera and start wandering. Sometimes I stand still at a certain spot and try to capture people passing by, then I walk, a scene grabs my attention and I make the shot as fast as I can (which often is not fast enough), trying to get a feel for the general atmosphere: are people hurried in the rush hour, leisurely shopping in nice weather, coping with bad weather.

I have considered to define something like a project, for instance “People commuting”, but that simply feels limiting and blocks my creativity, so for the moment I’ll continue to shoot without any preconceived notion of what to come home with. As soon as that stops working, I’ll start thinking again but for now it works: I wander and just when I start thinking the inspiration is gone, something catches my eye and makes me start shooting. Even after weeks of almost daily outings I still feel drawn to it every day.

It’s important for me to realize that I primarily need to please myself with my photos; trying to think what others might like, just doesn’t work. Maybe it has to do with where I am now in my life, discovering what essentially drives me.

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