This picture is from two days ago and I know now that this means it’s unripe. I wanted to show another one that has sat in my catalog for a few weeks but no such luck: I must have thrown it away! A lesson learned the hard way: street photos need to ripen. Especially street photos, much less so for my landscape or family shots. Eric Kim calls this marinating in his 100 Lessons From the Masters of Street Photography. For me I think I need a few weeks at the very least to decide if a picture works or not, maybe even much longer. Garry Winogrand waited a year before processing his shots; that’s too extreme for me, mainly because now learning from my mistakes necessitates a faster feedback loop.

Eric Kim also led me to some interviews he made with street photographers (just look for him on Youtube) and it’s just great to see how other photographers go about making pictures. Vastly different styles and if one thing’s clear, it’s that style is born from personality. Ergo, it’s up to me to find my own. Will take a while, probably and hopefully it’ll never end.

So I went out on a limb in showing the picture because every time I look at it, my mood goes up a notch. Mission accomplished if only one other person on this planet has the same experience.

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