Rain is nice!

“Nice weather today, good to go out and make photos!” I get that often and people are amazed when I pull up my nose: nah, too much haze, look at the whitish-blue sky. Cloudy weather is easier for street photography and rain creates subjects of its own.
So when showers were forecast for last Sunday I took the bus to the city center and decided I was going to hunt for bikers coping with the rain. Bikes are a common thing here in The Netherlands, they are a commodity used for everyday chores like grocery shopping or going to work. And for going out because you can drink!

This time I took a full-blown camera bag and that was a good decision: all these were made with a 70-200mm lens while standing under a canopy. Such a lens can hardly go unnoticed but again no one seemed to care what I was doing. I feel more and more at ease and don’t bother as much anymore if someone notices me taking photos; maybe just that little bit more peace of mind comes across.

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