The Minolta MC W.Rokkor 35mm 1:1.8

The latest addition to my collection features this fast semi-wide-angle lens, the latest in Minolta’s MC line-up with the rubber-clad focussing ring.

Minolta MC W.Rokkor 35mm 1:1.8
As usual with MC lenses, this lens feels like a solid piece of equipment and operating it comes with the beautiful smoothness I’ve come to expect. It’s also clear that in those days weight and size reduction didn’t get a lot of attention.

The image quality on my Sony A7R2 did not disappoint. Wide-open it’s sharp in the centre but the details have a veil of haze over them. Stop it down to f/2.8 and the centre is excellent. Already by f/4 a large part of the image is very good, except for the corners which need f/8 to become acceptable; still I’d say this lens is a little better at f/4 than most of its legacy 35mm colleagues. See the gallery of test pictures to judge for yourself.

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