In the railway station

Lots of people moving fast in a railway station, so opportunities galore when you’re quick. I could hold a position but standing still in such a location attracts attention so I keep walking and only stop to shoot, quickly.

The woman in the middle looks almost like she’s daydreaming which looks strangely out of place here.

Let me guess: they’re going to a colleague who’s leaving. And Jasmien obviously went to Starbucks for her coffee.

So many things to wonder about when looking back on the pictures. As things are going quick, I hardly ever know what to expect. And I take Kai W‘s advice to heart: don’t chimp when you’re shooting. He’s right, it distracts and gets you noticed unnecessarily.

It’s amazing that people hardly notice you when you shoot quickly, and if they do they usually shrug, it looks like they believe you can’t take a photo that fast. But I still have to move closer, closer, closer.

Bought a wrist-strap the other day, much better to keep the camera in your hand than hanging it off your neck. “Duh! New to this, heh?” Yep.

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