I’ve just been watching a video of Joel Meyerowitz talking about his photography. Impressive, inspiring and deeply moving. Just be patient and watch the whole 75 minutes.

Yesterday I was practicing with the 35mm lens on my camera and getting up real close. To hell with it! I just hate that 35mm angle of view! Joel Meyerowitz’s video made me think of a photo I made earlier and to which I keep coming back. Still happy with this one.

At noon I always made a 7-minute-walk to this square to get my lunch at the supermarket and for some time I took my camera with me. It was a beautiful day and I made a few snaps of this pretty scene. Coming home I was delighted with all the detail in the shot, partly because the gearhead in me likes to pixel-peep but also because there’s so much to see. Be sure to at least click on it to see it larger. The biker in the foreground, one of my colleagues sitting just left of the blue car, people passing by behind the car, the signs, all the street furniture. And this wasn’t made up close and I used the Olympus 2/40mm for it, my favorite angle of view for snapshots. No one ever seems to share my enthousiasm for this photo but that doesn’t bother me really: I like it. I’m thinking of printing this large and submit it for the yearly photoclub’s exhibition in March next year, probably encountering that same lack of enthousiasm of others.

Another one from that same period when I took a camera with me during lunch break. This is even more just a simply pretty picture. And I like this one too: this is how beautiful my home town can look.

The video restored my drive to keep photographing. After yesterday’s experience I was wondering what purpose there was in making those street pictures while I was just trying to conquer my fear in pressing the shutter, I wasn’t really looking for something that triggered me to make the shot. Going to try something different next time.

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