Evening shots

These dark winter days are the time to do evening shots. They pose their own problems: people’s faces are often badly illuminated, if at all, and tend to drown in bright shop windows etcetera. It often calls for more post-processing and color balance hardly ever is ideal. Nevertheless I think these work best in color. The square where these photos were made, is an interesting place: it’s part of the city center’s shopping area, but also serves as a pathway for pedestrians and bikers between the railway station and an area with a lot of offices, so this makes for a mix of activities.

It feels like I kind of exhausted this line of photographing, maybe I’m repeating myself. Maybe it’s time to do something different or step up my game. On a few occasions I made pictures in less crowded areas, also shooting scenes without people, but once again I just didn’t care for what I came home with.

A change of place maybe? I made a series in another city (Utrecht) and I still haven’t come to the point of deciding which of them to publish. They feel so different! Upon revisiting the photos I also noticed I switched between 35mm and 50mm lenses a number of times. I don’t do that anymore, I leave home with only one lens these days. Changing focal length throws me off, it takes too much time to get a feel for the field of view after the lens swap.

Ordered a book today, a re-issue of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s The Decisive Moment, hoping to broaden my horizon. I’m most drawn to Garry Winogrand’s work at this moment, he made the kind of pictures that I’d love to have made.

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