Close as in close to the subject. As difficult and often frightening it is to move up-close, it also delivers the pictures I’m most satisfied with. I made the picture while sitting on a bench, providing me with a low vantage point. I got tired of all the pictures where the camera was pointed downward, it means towering over the subject which isn’t always satisfying. So I was just waiting for people to pass by, having my focus preset to enable me to react instantly.

Maybe also close as in close to something good. I find street photography shots the most difficult to judge if I succeeded at something or not. At the end of the day it’s your own call and your call only, ultimately it doesn’t really matter if someone else likes it or not when you’re shooting for your own satisfaction like I do. I regularly show street photos at photoclub meetings and I often get a luke-warm response. Well, maybe my photos simply aren’t all that great but I don’t like them any less. But also it’s my experience that street photography has a rather small audience. I remember showing a landscape photograph that was well received but I didn’t think much of it myself; it was sort of a practice shot but apparently sunset colours score easily.

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