It becomes really interesting when there’s chaos out on the streets, and better still when it’s busy with people. Colour adds to the impression in such cases I think, so colour it is.

I’m starting to get a feel for where to stand, places like this draw me like a magnet. Just today I went out to our local shopping center for testing really, not because I like taking street pics there: too few people, too much attention, even when I get better and better in being ignored. Part of the test was to see if my tricks worked even here, and they did. I only got in sort of a row with a restaurant owner claiming I could not photograph his terrace; which I perfectly could because it was outside on public territory. Yesterday I stood in front of a coffeeshop (Dutch euphemism for a place where you can buy and smoke marihuana) for over an hour, the shop’s security guys surely noticed me but didn’t say or do anything. Go figure.

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