Being one

Changed the blog’s title. I’m not becoming a street photographer, I am one. Not because I think I am accomplished in any sense, but simply because it’s what I do, photograph on the street.

Now that I’m less uncomfortable at making photos of people, I tend to go back to things I did before and these last few days I got interested in showing the dynamic and energetic chaos that a city can bring.

I made a lot of pictures the last few weeks but I’m really going to let these sit for a while before I decide which are the ones I really want to show. It’s often a sign of a worthwhile picture when I keep going back for it or if I say something like “Ah, yes, that one” when I browse my catalog. Must say that I instantly liked the one above enough to show it after only a few days.

A few posts ago I ranted about using 35mm as a focal length. Well, I guess I got accustomed to it because I’m using it a lot but I also often go back to 50mm when it’s not very crowded. Eindhoven has large squares and fairly broad streets so you don’t get to see people cramped for space that often. I visited Utrecht the other day, a city with narrow streets between old houses and canals and there a shorter focal length was a natural choice. It also showed me that a new place is what it is, new: you don’t know it, you don’t have a feeling yet for what to expect, new dynamics between people and the environment.

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