Through a low

These last few days I was losing confidence in my picture taking; I also felt that angst again in taking people pictures. Today I watched a few videos of John Free. Not everything he says resonates with me, but his take on approaching people surely struck a chord. Continue reading “Through a low”

Time well spent

Had to wait the other day for 20 minutes until my prints were finished in the local store and decided to walk around a bit and try out what the extra blurring capability of a neutral density filter could do for me.

You hardly stand a chance to go unnoticed when you drag a camera along to keep someone’s face in the middle. I have other photographs where people look at me and that’s not always a bad thing. Happy with this one and it points me to a somewhat different direction in picturing people on the street.

Being one

Changed the blog’s title. I’m not becoming a street photographer, I am one. Not because I think I am accomplished in any sense, but simply because it’s what I do, photograph on the street.

Now that I’m less uncomfortable at making photos of people, I tend to go back to things I did before and these last few days I got interested in showing the dynamic and energetic chaos that a city can bring.

I made a lot of pictures the last few weeks but I’m really going to let these sit for a while before I decide which are the ones I really want to show. It’s often a sign of a worthwhile picture when I keep going back for it or if I say something like “Ah, yes, that one” when I browse my catalog. Must say that I instantly liked the one above enough to show it after only a few days. Continue reading “Being one”


It becomes really interesting when there’s chaos out on the streets, and better still when it’s busy with people. Colour adds to the impression in such cases I think, so colour it is.

Continue reading “Chaos”