I’m a curious person and kept coming back to this one.

She’s probably waiting for someone. But this posture doesn’t seem really comfortable and the hand under the head looks relaxed but out of place at the same time. Intriguing!

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Start of a journey

This will be a blog about my struggle to become a street photographer, for better or for worse.

Time and time again I’ve wanted to do street photography, made some half-hearted attempts at it in the last 30-odd years only to end up frustrated because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. And now is the time to really make it work, or to totally fail. Klaus Hermann made a blogpost on How to become an outstanding photographer and that inspired me to go for it. Especially his point that achievement has little to do with talent: I always considered myself endowed with little talent when it comes to photographic vision. But there always was the desire to do some kind of street photography. Ultimately, what makes me tick is the desire to capture scenes that make me smile, or touch me, induce any kind of emotion really.

Enough of this self-reflection, starts to get boring and pretentious, isn’t it? First thing I have to learn is to just have the guts to point a camera at people. So let’s do it.

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