What to shoot?

Practicing can be a frustrating exercise. Not in a sense that it’s difficult but that the results don’t mean much to me. I’ve been shooting people as close-up as I possibly could and dared, which was close. And these shots ended up being just shots of people, mostly looking at me in surprise or irritation, while there was no composition to speak of. Of course not, no time for that. Doing this I was losing the fun in photography and that’s not the way to go.Read more


I’ve just been watching a video of Joel Meyerowitz talking about his photography. Impressive, inspiring and deeply moving. Just be patient and watch the whole 75 minutes.

Yesterday I was practicing with the 35mm lens on my camera and getting up real close. To hell with it! I just hate that 35mm angle of view! Joel Meyerowitz’s video made me think of a photo I made earlier and to which I keep coming back. Still happy with this one.

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Yesterday I decided to practice, getting up close to people. I put a 35mm on my camera to force me to get up closer. And with the adrenaline racing through my veins I kept shooting, again being constantly surprised that so few people seemed to bother. Read more

No explanation

In the first version of this post I explained why I took this shot. I now edited that out: if I have to do so, the picture obviously doesn’t work. Upon revisiting older shots I decided to show this one after all, even though it’s not perfectly sharp. Hope you like it; be sure to click on it for a larger view.